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Who Are Our Clients

With our experience and expertise, our clients are always in good hands. With more than 15 years of solid real estate experience, we are highly efficient, nimble and technologically savvy to navigate the market and guide you through a successful sale. More importantly, we will get you the maximum price and most favorable terms possible in the given market.







How It Works

The easiest way to sell your home. We’ll guide you through 4 simple steps.

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Submit your address and fill us in on the unique situation of your property and condition.

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You will receive a report with a price range of what your home could be worth. Keep in mind this is a price range as we have not seen your home in person.

Schedule a Time for Us to See Your Home,
Discuss Pricing Your Home

We discuss various options and design a plan best tailored for your situation to create the best outcome. We provide a more accurate price!

We start pre-marketing your home

Once we agree on the strategy and pricing of your property, we sign the listing and we are off to the races! We will assign a timeline and recommend the best people to prep your home for the market. We start pre-marketing your home.

Find out how you can secure the gains from your property now.

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Do leave an accurate address as only verifiable addresses
will receive report.

About Us

With more than fifteen years of real estate experience spanning across the diverse range of property types, Amanda's expertise includes marketing Residential, Commercial and Foreign Properties. 

Amanda is currently the Key Executive Officer (KEO) in Allure Property, a Real Estate Company in Singapore. 

Prior to setting up Allure Property, Amanda was holding a management appointment as an experienced Key Executive Officer (KEO) for a decade. Under her investment belt, she had oversee and managed a mixture of property investments and portfolio companies, comprising thousands of active property investors, with assets across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Amanda’s practice is also grounded in her Mortgage Advisory work for Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

What We Offer To Our Clients

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